Both an ancient ‘found’ wisdom text and a sumptuous epic novel, GAIA CODEX reveals the hidden histories and teachings of a world long forgotten, the secret wisdom of an ancient lineage of women through the ages. 


Set in a near future of impending societal and environmental collapse, the novel is a tale of hope and remembrance an inspired vision of humanity’s origins and the potential we hold for conscious evolution


Although written as fiction, Gaia Codex speaks to urgent truths of our times for many feel humanity is at a critical turning point and we must change our relationship to our Mother Earth, transform the cultures we live in and redefine what it is to be human. 


With exponentially growing numbers of international readers, Gaia Codex is a flourishing phenomenon that is capturing the passionate Spirit of the Feminine Rising and our deepening reconnection to our Mother Earth. 

Lila Sophia has heard the whispered tales, stories of an ancient lineage of women, the Priestesses of Astera, who through the rise and fall of civilizations have protected codes of cultural and planetary rejuvenation, the Secrets to Life. Although these women have lived in every culture, few have known of their existence – until now.

Born onto a planet in the throes of environmental and social crises, Lila’s life implodes when her mother, Dominique, suddenly dies, and Lila is left with a mysterious illuminated manuscript that reveals that Lila is both a priestess and a genetic experiment called the Metamorphosis Project, a fusion of alchemy and magic designed to rebalance humanity’s relationship with the Mother Earth. In search of her sister-priestesses and further understanding of her origins, Lila journeys from the mythic countryside of Glastonbury to Delphi, to an ancient hidden temple in the center of Paris, and finally, into the heart of the Amazon jungle.

On her quest, Lila learns how to use her mutation to benefit Life. She also must decide between two passionate loves: a wise and beautiful sister-priestess, Rhea, and a mysterious man Theo, who has been waiting for her for millennia.

A powerful and enchanted lineage of women, who for eons have held a luminous codex that is said to regenerate the Earth and human civilization in times of imminent collapse. Through the rise and fall of cultures, from Ancient Egypt to the high plateaus of Tibet, these women have cultivated a lush parallel history of the Feminine where magic reigns and the Goddess in her many forms is revered and remembered.


Hidden for millennia, these women are now convening to save humanity from the edge of extinction. These priestesses, who represent a spectrum of ages and ethnicities, are representative of the many women who through time have dedicated themselves to the wisdom of the Goddess, the well being of all beings and the nourishment and regeneration of our Mother Earth. 

Old Woman is an ancient figure who through the ages has protected and initiated the Priestesses of Astera at her cottage in Glastonbury, England, home of the ancient lineage of Avalon and sacred land of the Goddess. Old Woman takes a grieving Lila Sophia under her wing, nourishes her and teaches her the ancient ways of the priestess so that she can carry on to fulfill her destiny. 

An ancient, wise soul, Rhea has roamed the earth for millennia. She appears in civilizations as they rise and fall, bringing gifts of culture, healing and evolution to the people. Some say Rhea will be here when the last humans leave Earth. When Lila Sophia meets Rhea she both recognizes a sister priestess and is given the promise of love eternal.

Dominique, the mother of Lila Sophia and consort of Raj is a Priestess of Astera with a mysterious past who is both loved and feared by her sister-priestesses. Dominique’s work on the Metamorphosis Project is felt by many to be risky for the sisterhood and the planet.


Do the secrets Dominique holds offer a key for the future?

Helene Belefonte was born thousands of years ago. Bound by a vow of deep service to the sisterhood, Madame Belefonte’s vision and magic has created the Chateau Lumiere, the temple where the Priestesses of Astera have secretly gathered for millennia. Madame Belefonte’s greatest sorrow is the loss of her beloved Dominique to Raj. This  act broke her heart and has made her highly skeptical of Lila Sophia and the Metamorphosis Project.

Raj Nataraj, father of Lila Sophia and consort of Dominique, is a scientist and adventurer, who has long been involved with humanity’s evolution. Raj is complex and although well intended, he is known by the Priestesses of Astera to be seduced by the power of creation regardless of consequence.


Will he destroy all they have worked for or are his offerings part of humanity’s saving grace?

Theo is a timeless soul who is bound to the Earth. In times long past he was a king who led his people to war and destruction. As retribution he has made a vow to carry the weight of humanity’s folly. It is said that Theo and the world can only be healed through a sacred alchemical union with a Priestess of Astera, an ancient rite of Hieros gamos.


Theo has chosen Lila Sophia to join him, but will she answer the call? 

More then a book, GAIA CODEX is a multi-faceted and deeply immersive world that has been created for revelation in multiple mediums. We are at a key moment when as a species we are both deepening into a re-enchantment with our Mother Earth and reawakening to new levels of translucent communications technologies and media creation which are profoundly catalyzing the power of new mythologies as deeply visceral, illuminated, shared experiences that have the potential to re-awaken the human race.  


To this end, Gaia Codex is now being developed for additional mediums: feature film, scripted television, gaming and AR/VR. 

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