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Now is Our Time... 
Blue Diamond

We are at the moment of profound revelation and evolution. With an exponentially growing and passionate global community, GAIA CODEX is the catalyst for a movement of individuals, women and men, who are in the upswell of remembering that Now is our Time to reclaim our reconnection to the deep rooted legacy and traditions of the Sacred Feminine and the Wisdom of Mother Earth. 


It is the Mystery revealed within the blueprints of our Soul and in our collective remembrance, vision and knowing that the fate of humanity is not destined to war, despair and destruction but that we can create a thriving, abundant nourishing life that considers the sanctity and honor of all beings. 


Gaia Codex is both a Mystery School and Open Source Code. In this Jewel of Many Facets. We each have a piece of the puzzle and by coming together we remember.  

Share Your Story

Share your Story...

A Tapestry of A Thousand Tales…

A Jewel of Many Facets….

We Each are Creators of the Story.

We are Remembering Together. 

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